Pregnancy Gift Boxes



We’re all for mums & bubs (and their friends and families too!) Pregnancy and growing new babies can be a lot of hard work. Luckily, sending the perfect, thoughtful gift no longer has to be. Our carefully curated ready-to-go gift boxes offer quality items such as belly bands, breast pads and water bottles to take care of her everyday comfort, while a few luxurious treats in the form of quality chocolate biscuits and non-alcoholic wine, will be sure to brighten up her day.

No More Gifting Guesswork…

Don’t know what to give a pregnant mumma? That’s ok – because we do! We have carefully selected each item with both care and love, and we know exactly what she’ll not only appreciate but really enjoy and use.

Save Time & Hassle…

Too busy working and running around, to find that elusive gift? We’ve done the hard work for you, with our premium range of luxury, practical gift boxes. We’ll even lovingly ship it, gift-wrapped and all, direct to your recipient. How simple is that?

Safety First…

It can be awfully confusing as to what might be safe for mum to use and consume during and after pregnancy. Luckily, we’ve done the hard research yards for you. All our products have been thoroughly researched and are completely safe.

Baby Shower Favours

Premium Quality

We only use the very best brands and products and go to great care to present them nicely.

(Don’t worry, nothing we provide will ever make you look cheap!)

Safe & Sound

Can she really have that? Yes, she can!

Our products are safe during pregnancy AND baby friendly – to ensure the wellbeing of those you love 😊

Practical & Indulgent

We mix the practical and indulgent for the perfect gift for any mum.

The items we include are nourishing to both body and soul, with items to help ease those pregnancy aches and pains.

Baby Gift Boxes

Welcoming a new baby into the world is always a very happy time. Yet, it’s not always easy to know what gifts to give a new mum that she’ll find useful, and will really treasure, forever. Which is why at Pepper & Dunn we’ve done the hard work for you, by curating a simply beautiful, top-quality range of products that both mum and bubs will love. We’ve even covered the baby shower too!

Our mission is to provide mums with...


Pregnancy can be tiring and emotional!

Our gift boxes have been designed to provide comfort to any expectant or new mum.

She’ll breathe a sigh of relief, as she begins to utilise our special products.


Sometimes, all it takes is an innovative, practical item to ease the discomfort of pregnancy – and allow mum to feel more confident throughout this incredible journey.

We know what she needs, even when you, and she, may not!


Nothing quite says ‘I’m here for you’ or ‘I love you’ more than one of our uniquely special gift boxes.

It’s the ultimate way to show how much you care.