Pregnancy and the impending birth of a new baby can be incredibly exciting – yet it can also be overwhelming… Expectant and new mums need a tonne of support (and that little bit of soul-nourishing indulgence), from those around them. We combine the practical items, with the nourishing (for both body and soul!) and a little sheer healthy indulgence – to create an unbeatable, easy gift, no matter what stage mum is at. It’s more than enough to make any mum feel appreciated and special. (Plus it’s really super easy, and she’ll totally love you forever!) We’ve even got the baby shower and new baby gifts covered. Choose from our range of pre-selected gift boxes. Need something a little more specific? You can customise your very own gift box. Don’t want an entire gift box? Need something little instead?We’ve covered that too, by offering an extensive range of individual, specialty products.

HI! I'm JAMIE...

And I’m a mum who gets what other mums truly need and treasure, during both a beautiful yet often tricky time of their lives. Pregnancy certainly isn’t all roses and sunshine, no matter how excited an expectant mum might be. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, its tiring and physically tough on mums’ poor body. As an expectant mum, it’s the little things that can make all the difference to how you feel throughout this trying time. Items such as a heat pack, supportive belly bands, soul-strengthening edible and indulgent (yet healthy) treats or a simple bubble bath, can ease the body and mind. But I also get that as a friend, husband, partner or family member – it’s not always easy to know what to choose. What will she like? What on earth does she need? And most importantly, what’s safe? We’ve taken out all the guesswork and time consuming research – by putting all the RIGHT gifts together in one place, just for you. We’ll even gift wrap it, include a personal note and ship it straight to her door.


Originally from South Africa, my partner and I have lived in Australia for quite some time, seeking to make the most of the opportunities here, that weren’t available to us back home. We have two young children. Summer is 3 years old, Logan, 2 years old. My pregnancies were not straight forward. In fact, both pregnancies and births, were quite complicated and traumatic. Luckily, they each resulted in beautiful, healthy children. But it was a journey that highlighted the need for quality pregnancy and new baby gifts, that could support an expectant mothers’ journey – and make life easier for their friends and families. As a friend, partner or family member it’s not always easy to know what to give or how to support a new mum. Of course, with two young kids, I was pretty keen to find a business that I could run from home. So, Pepper & Dunn was born, soon after my second child was! I really got stuck on this idea of offering pregnant mums and their beautiful new babies, quality products that they would genuinely find useful and that made them feel special, and that’s exactly what we now do.


Our gift boxes are both super-practical and indulgent by providing a great mix of soul-nourishing items. We offer a range of pregnancy gift boxes, specifically tailored to each stage of pregnancy, in either a ready-made package, or a customisable option. We also provide hospital gift boxes and new baby boxes, to celebrate the little one’s arrival. Sometimes, an entire gift box might not be needed for certain occasions. Perhaps a colleague at work is having a baby and you simply want something little, to offer your congratulations. We also offer our amazing range of products as individual items. The great thing? You can rest easy, knowing everything we offer on our website is completely safe, and you’ll totally be on a winner, no matter what you choose. It’s gifting made easy.
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