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Corporate Baby Gifts For Any New Mum

As a corporate boss or colleague, it can be tricky to find an appropriate and sophisticated gift to celebrate the impending, or new arrival, of a new baby, within your team. It’s important however, to support your staff, celebrate alongside them, and wish them well in their journey into motherhood. Yet, you certainly don’t want to give them something tacky, meaningless or unwanted. Which is why Pepper & Dunn have done all the hard work for you, to take the painful guesswork and indecision out of purchasing the perfect corporate baby hamper. As mum’s and parents, ourselves, we know exactly what every mum needs and will appreciate, no matter where she’s at or what her personal preferences may be.

Quality Products – Great Corporate Baby Gift Ideas

All of our corporate pregnancy gifts boxes incorporate a carefully curated selection of quality products that mum will love. We’ve done the research to ensure all products are totally safe for both mum and baby, at any stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding. And we have all the corporate baby gift ideas, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Choose between our Pepper & Dunn pre-selected ready-made gift boxes for an easy gift that we can quickly send to you or direct to your recipient – or add a personalised touch, by customising a gift box to suit their unique tastes and needs.

Practical, Nourishing & Indulgent

All of our maternity gift boxes at Pepper & Dunn have been thoughtfully designed to provide a selection of products that are practical and useful, healthy and nourishing, with a little bit of feel-good indulgence. Our practical products include things such as soothing eye masks or supportive belly belts, while natural herbal teas and bio oil provide some much-needed comfort. On the more indulgent side we have a selection of gourmet chocolates and treats, such as alcohol-removed sparkling wine, so mum can relax and celebrate in style. We love looking after mums’ body, mind and soul.

Corporate Baby Hampers For Any Stage of Pregnancy or Birth

At Pepper & Dunn we tailor our gift boxes to suit different stages of pregnancy and birth. Our pregnancy boxes are split into ‘trimesters’ – one, two and three – ensuring that mum receives the perfect items tailored perfectly to the challenges she may be facing. Our Maternity Ward Gift Boxes are perfect for giving mum what she might need while in hospital. Celebrate the arrival of the new baby with The New Mum Gift Boxes, designed to both celebrate and support mum following her birth, or provide a loving and useful gift for baby, with our range of themed Baby Boxes. If you’re struggling to figure out what’s what, in the land of pregnancy and new babies, here’s a brief guide to help you, so you can support mum in the best way, at the right times, as needed.

First Trimester
This phase of pregnancy is from 0 – 12 weeks. Many mums won’t make any announcements about the impending arrival of her new bundle of joy until after the 12-week mark, unless you’re particularly close, or she’s struggling with morning sickness that may be affecting her at work.
If you do wish to celebrate this time, our First Trimester Gift Boxes provide items such as seasickness wrist bands and ginger tea to help calm a turbulent tummy, an eye mask to help her rest, and other indulgences such as alcohol-removed sparkling rose so she can celebrate in style.

Second Trimester
This is most likely to a more common time for gifts, particularly within a corporate setting, as teams are more likely to be informed, and therefore celebrating.
Challenges for mum are likely to be exhaustion, a growing and somewhat uncomfortable belly, and difficulties sleeping. This is where a lovely Second Trimester Gift Box can really support your team member or colleague, as our boxes include items such as Bio Oil to soothe that growing belly, some delicious and soul-nurturing gourmet chocolates and plenty more.

Third Trimester
The third trimester kicks in at around 27 weeks. Typically, many corporate mums-to-be will work up to around the 35th or 36th week, depending on her exhaustion levels and health.
It tends to be the trickiest stage of pregnancy, but also a time of celebration as you offer your colleague your best wishes, before she starts preparing for the birth and life thereafter.
You might like to have an office party or take mum out to lunch before she finishes up to go on her maternity leave – which is of course the perfect time for a gift. Choose the Third Trimester Gift Box for a range of items she can use in the here and now, or if she’s a little more advanced, you might like our Maternity Ward Gift Boxes or a New Mum Gift Box.

Once Baby Arrives
Upon hearing the delightful news that your colleagues’ new bundle of joy has indeed arrived safely, it’s a great time to send her one of our carefully curated and themed New Baby Gift Boxes.
Choose between themes such as The Baby Shark Gift Box, or The Baby Unicorn Gift Box – where you can be as gender specific or as gender neutral as you prefer. Again, our New Baby Boxes include a range of items covering the practical, the useful and the sentimental including quality keepsakes, beautiful blankets, baby-safe and practical skin care items, teethers and more.

Individual Specialty Corporate Gifts

If you’re not so keen on purchasing a large corporate baby hamper, we also provide plenty of quality individual specialty pregnancy and baby gifts to wish your colleague and their new baby, well. A beautiful Bamboo Cotton Baby Blanket is always well received, and our Hello Little Love Baby Journals provide a treasured keepsake. Perhaps you could treat mum with some Lavender Pillow Mist to ease her into some much-needed sleep, or some Rocky Rogue Dark Chocolate, to lift her spirits and get her through each day. You may even like to put a couple of items together, for that smaller, but treasured, unique gift.

An Easy Step By Step Corporate Baby Gift Purchasing Guide With Pepper & Dunn

We’re all about easy here at Pepper & Dunn. Which is why we’ve put together this step by step guide to purchasing the perfect corporate pregnancy or baby gift.

Simply follow the steps, and your perfect gift will arrive in no time at all.

Step 1 – Choose between ‘ready-made’ or ‘customised’ gift boxes

First up, you’ll need to choose between our ‘ready-made’, ready to go gift boxes or whether you’d prefer to customise your own.
Our ready-made boxes are a quick and easy solution that you simply add to your cart and purchase.
Or, for a slightly more personalised touch, opt for our customised boxes, which guide you through a selection of choices, to suit mums preferences.

Step 2 – Select the best box for mum’s needs

Our gift boxes have been tailored to each trimester of pregnancy, along with the maternity ward, and the birth, with a box for mum or a range of boxes for baby.

Simply choose what you need at each or any stage.

Step 3 – Customise (if needed) and purchase

On each gift box page, you’ll have the opportunity to customise your box (if you choose a custom box) plus you’ll be able to enter a personalised message, that we’ll include with your gift.
Once you’ve made your selections and entered in your note, you can add it to your cart and proceed to the checkout to finalise your purchase.

Step 4 – Sit back and relax, as your gift box is delivered to you, or your recipient.

Once you’ve finalised your purchase online, all you need to do is sit back and relax, while we lovingly prepare it and gift wrap it for you – and ship it straight to you, your business or direct to your recipient.
Its pregnancy gifts made easy.

Reward Your Staff & We’ll Reward You

While you cherish and reward your staff, and show your support with our corporate baby gifts, we’ll reward you too. Our Loyalty Program offers company discounts for frequent orders, making gift giving even more cost effective and easy. You’ll literally never have to worry about corporate gifting again – just choose the perfect gift box from our extensive range, and we’ll gift wrap it, include your personalised note, and send it anywhere you need it.

Corporate Pregnancy & Baby Gift Box Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products completely safe for mum and baby?

Yes, they certainly are!
We’ve gone to great lengths to research each and every product to ensure they’re all entirely safe for mum and bubs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Our new baby items, such as blankies, wraps and soft toys are specifically designed for young babies, with nothing that could possibly pose a safety hazard.
(Plus – they’re super useful and totally snuggle-worthy)
Our baby skin care items are all as gentle and as natural as possible, with many being organic, from reputable brands.

Can we add a personalised message from our team?

Yes, you certainly can. When ordering your gift box, simply enter it into the designated comment box on the product page.
Then add the gift to your cart and complete your purchase – and we’ll do the rest.

How much is shipping?

If your order is over $100, we ship for FREE.

How long do your gift boxes take to arrive?

We always recommend ordering your gift as early as possible, at least two weeks before you need it.
As a rough guide, please allow around 5 – 7 business days for us to process, lovingly wrap and ship your order, particularly for customised gift boxes.
Standard shipping can take up to a week – or choose Express shipping for a speedier delivery.
If in doubt – please feel free to get in touch to enquire about timeframes here

How do I find out more about your corporate loyalty discounts?

Simply get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options, by contacting us

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Make a Statement, Celebrate With & Provide Support To Colleagues With a Pepper & Dunn Corporate Baby Gift

As a corporate manager, team leader or colleague, it’s important to celebrate team members when they embark on the magical journey into parenthood. Yet you’re most likely busy, time is always in short supply, and there is nothing worse than struggling with the indecision of what to buy. After all, you’d like to provide a thoughtful and sophisticated gift that represents your company, your team and cherishes your crucial and hardworking staff.
Pepper & Dunn offer easy gift giving, with boxes that will delight any new mum. They’ll appreciate the thought and effort you, or the company you represent, have gone to, to support her and wish her well, into this new and exciting time.
Shop our corporate baby gift range here