At Pepper & Dunn, we’re all about making life easy, as well as providing you with choice! But sometimes, having all these great choices can make it tricky to... well... choose. This page, will get you headed in the right direction to finding that perfect gift in no time at all.

Customized Gift Boxes

The Basics

We offer both ready-made gift boxes that you can order with the click of a button or you can customize your own. We also offer specialist individual products, for something smaller or that little bit extra.

Our gift boxes basically cater to each and every stage of pregnancy, birth and beyond, with a carefully curated range of safe, practical and luxurious products – sure to make any mum smile.

Ready-Made Gift Boxes

If you’re in a hurry or have no clue what that expectant or new mum wants or needs, we’ve done the hard gift-choosing work for you! Just pick the box she needs and we’ll do the rest.

To order:
Select your desired box
Add a personalised message
Click ‘Add to Cart’
Complete the check out process
We’ll gift wrap it with love and deliver your special box straight to her door.
You can browse our full range of ready-made gift boxes here >

Or you may choose:

First Trimester > Baby Bear >
Second Trimester > Baby Panda >
Third Trimester > Baby Sheep >
The Trimester Collection > Baby Elephant >
Maternity Ward > Baby Giraffe >
New Mum > Baby Koala >

Customized Gift Boxes

If the ready-made boxes are just not quite right, or you’d simply like to add a more personalized touch – our customisable gift boxes are the perfect choice. Our product selections make it easy, just click and go!

To Order:
Select your desired box – marked as ‘Customised’
Use the drop down menus on the page to add your selection
Add your personalised message
Click ‘Add To Cart’
Complete the checkout process.
We’ll gift wrap it with love and send it straight to her door.
You can browse our full range of customisable gift boxes here >

Or you may choose:

First Trimester > Maternity Ward >
Second Trimester > New Mum >
Third Trimester > Baby Shower >
The Trimester Collection > New Baby >

Individual Specialty Products

If you’re not after a gift box, something small or something special can be found for both mum and bubs in our individual products section. The best thing? All our products have been well researched and carefully selected, so not only will she love anything you choose – but it’s all perfectly safe for mum and baby too.

To order:
View the product you’re interested in.
Click ‘Add to Cart’
Complete the checkout process
And we’ll gift wrap it and deliver it straight to her door (or yours, if you prefer!).
You can browse our full range of individual specialty gifts here >


Feeling a little lost? That’s ok – all this gift choosing can get confusing. For friendly help and expert pregnancy and gift-giving advice, simply get in contact with us.