Gifts For Bub

Need something to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, and help mum out at the same time? Our carefully curated of individual baby products will help!

Try a soothing Swaddling Stretchie or a comforting blanket to make bed-times easier.

Or help mum at bath time with a beautifully soft hooded towel, or some organic baby shampoo.

New babies have lots of unique needs that you may not be aware of. Providing a new mum with something of high-quality to treasure, that she can also put to good use, is something she’ll remember and appreciate for a long time to come.

New babies quite often struggle with sleep. They are so used to being securely tucked up inside mums belly, that being in a larger, open cot or bassinet can be quite a challenge – particularly with their startle reflexes, that jolts them awake.

Our Swaddling Stretchie’s can help solve this problem, by keeping baby feeling safe and secure – so mum can hopefully catch a bit more sleep too!

Bath time can be a great soother and bonding experience for a parent and their baby, but with baby’s sensitive skin, its important to only use safe skincare products.

Our 2 in 1 Organic Baby Shampoo and Organic Baby Moisturiser is the perfect combination.

Follow it up with a lovely soft, hooded towel – and bath times will become a breeze.

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